The Brussels Amber Festival (BAF) is an annual event presenting the best MENA (Middle-East North Africa) artists and performers. Programming is developed according to the latest trends, from an online Amber Awards© survey/contest naming the best artists according to EMA – European Mena Audience – audiences. Winners will be awarded their Amber Award at the BAF, an event innovation expected to ultimately develop into a 3-day festival. Join the most Amber event in Europe.


Brussels, the European capital, is equally that of diversity. A city that combines charm and authenticity. Its history, its population, its openness to the world, and its strategic location within 300 km of major cities (Paris, London, Amsterdam, or Düsseldorf) makes it the ideal city to welcome the Amber Festival. The Eastern stars also shine on Brussels and make it radiate even more beautifully. #Brusselsamberfestival


The Amber Awards® honors MENA theater arts in Europe. The vote of the European audience who are fans of oriental music and theater can be seen at www.amberawards.com. Based on these votes (more than 28,000 in 2015), the artists at the top of the polls are contacted in order to be asked to perform at the Brussels Amber Festival, where they will give a performance/concert and also receive their award.


Najwa Karam, the Lebanese pearl and star of Arabic music – more than 60 million records sold and 19 million followers on social media – has chosen the Brussels Amber Festival for her very first debut in Brussels where she meets with fans from Belgium, from the Netherlands, from France, and from Germany. She was voted Best Middle Eastern Live Performer at the Amber Awards by European Mena Audience,aprize that will be given to her at the BAF in Brussels on May 21, 2016.


DOUZI, a young musical prodigy, is right now at the top of his game. He tours – his «USA Tour» sold out -. The young generation has voted him in, racking up more than 3.5 million followers and more than 12.5 million views on his last video. Douzi chose the Brussels Amber Festival for his appearance in Brussels; it is a city that he knows well, and he lives there for part of the year. He was named Best North African Live Performer PERFORMER at the AMBER AWARDS.


Salah is internationally recognized in the world of dance. He performs in the most prestigious venues in the world, like Cirque du Soleil. His successes in «La France a du Talent» and «Arab Got Talent 2015» made his popularity explode. He was voted Best Stage Performer at the Amber Awards by European Mena Audience. This award will be given to him at the BAF in Brussels on May 21, 2016.




A state-of-the-art auditorium, the Palais 12 offers a unique scalability (from 500 to 5,900 seats). Three leves of comfort – «Balcony,» «Avenue,» or «Rostrum» – allow everyone to take part in the event. Extensive direct entrances allow spectators to explore different spaces offering chilling room, refreshments, and snacks. Seats are numbered and named. Reserve a spot for yourself and your friends today. Early birds always get the best seats.


Get a «Premium» experience of the Brussels Amber Festival. You will dine in the Lounge with exceptional service. Everything is taken care of so that you have a unique experience. Whether it be with your family, your friends, or your business acquaintances, combine an exceptional performance with quality networking. Reserve your table today. The best tables always go to the first takers.


Loggias are located at the first levels. These private rooms for 6, 8, or 10 people allow you to have an unforgettable time with your most important guests – family, friends, business acquaintances. With chic lounge sofas (3, 4, or 5 duos, a table, your business flag/logo, and a dedicated server), optimum comfort and the «Platinum» experience. An exceptional event takes place in exceptional class. There is a limited number of loggias. Reserve yours right now.